Current Services Offered

Collaborative Divorce Coaching — I am a member of the Sacramento Collaborative Divorce Group.  I most often function in the role of Divorce Coach, however I am also a Child Specialist.  If you are considering an approach to divorce that empowers you and your spouse to make informed decisions, putting you and your family at the center of the process, and agree to remain out of court, Collaborative Divorce may be a suitable option for you.  Please call for more information and to have your questions answered. Or consider attending a Divorce Options Workshop to learn about the choices you have about the divorce process itself.  

Parenting Plan Mediation — Divorcing parents of minor children are required to submit a written parenting plan as part of a Marital Settlement Agreement.  Although there are many resources on-line, there is a value to having an experienced mediator assist you to develop a parenting plan that will endure and address issues that could potentially arise in the future.  A comprehensive parenting plan reduces future conflicts about the children and how you share time with them.

Life Transition Coaching — Coaching is distinguished from therapy as a process where you have help to define your long-term objective. Then the coach assists you to make changes in manageable increments and holds you accountable to keep you moving in a forward direction.  Although there may be some information shared about your past experience, the focus is on your future and well-being.  Many people use this process to change their lives when they are ready to move beyond grief, loss, unsatisfactory relationships, or poor health.

Co-parent Counseling — Following a divorce, parents still need to discuss and make decisions regarding their children.  When communication problems were typical in marriage, parents often need additional support to transition to a more business-like relationship as co-parents.  This type of counseling may be ordered by the Court, may have been suggested by another trusted professional or your spouse.  Regardless of how you got here, there will be opportunity to discuss best practices to avoid further conflicts, keep one another informed of important information and attend to the business of making decisions for your children.  

Preparation for court-related custody mediation — If you plan to meet with a custody mediator or evaluator, it is important to prepare yourself adequately.  My experience performing custody evaluation provides me with a particular insight as to what is important to include and how to best present yourself.  This is usually accomplished in one or two hours of consultation.


I am taken aback at the effort that you put forth to render a well written and considered report. The detail provided the factual context within which you made your assessment and recommendations and the report was easy to follow.”
— A Family Law Attorney/Judg​e
A week doesn’t go by where we don’t remind ourselves about the concepts you taught us. Your advice echoes in our conversations and thoughts frequently. Although there are some days where we struggle, our marriage has become the marriage we have always wanted — we are best friends who make creating a safe place for each other a priority. We learned from you the importance of taking time to have fun with each other. This has been invaluable in re-energizing our relationship. Thank you for your help—we both greatly appreciate all that we learned.
— A couple in Imago Relationship Therapy
Thanks for helping out a mother and father to try to come to an understanding for our child. Thank you so much for being fair with both of us and being the voice of (child’s name) best interest.
— Military father wanting to reunite with his young son